Monday, 28 November 2011


The flow of water through different types of soil
This is a very interesting experiment conducted by my students and me. We designed a fair test to compare how well water moves through sand , clay and garden soil by deciding what to keep the same , what to charge and what to measure.

 First the students get the same amount of sand, clay, garden soil and water.

And then, they pour the water in the differents types of soil.

 Pupils obserb how well water moves through different types of soil. Patience students... =D

Pupils compare how well water moves through sand, clay and garden soil. They have really good observant!

 Last but not least, I guided pupils to carry out the test and record their findings.

And we came to a conclusion, water can pass through sand in the shortest time because sand is loosely arranged and not so packed like clay and garden soil. Clay takes the longest time for the water to pass through it.

Jobs are done! =D

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