Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Science Laboratory

A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific researchexperiments, and measurement may be performed. In Hin Hua Primary School, it has 2 laboratories, also know as 'Lab 1' and 'Lab 2'. With this facilities, the students can carry out different kinds of experiments to investigate the hypothesis and cultivate their manipulative and scientific skills. There are some pictures on the laboratories in my school. =)

 This is the science laboratory where the stools are located on the table after the laboratory is used by the students. With this, it makes the cleaning of science laboratory easier by the workers.

 These are some equipment used for teaching and learning process (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran). 

 The materials and apparatus are organized well in the cupboard. The drawers are labelled so that it is convenient for the teachers to prepare materials and apparatus for experiment.

 There is a skeleton model and human inner organs model in the science lab to educate the students on the bones and parts of human body.

 There are also universe models in the science lab to use in teaching basic knowledge on astronomy.

 The microscopes and magnifying glasses are located in a glass cabinet to prevent them from being dusty. 

 There is also a refrigerator in the science lab to locate the materials that need to be stored under low temperature. Some scientific specimens for example dead insects and a dead Pangolin are put in the glass cabinet for the students reference. 

 Last but not least, there is a LCD projector to be connected to the laptops to teach the students using slide shows and videos. 

As a teacher, I strongly encourage the students to use the lab wisely to cultivate their manipulative and scientific skills. However, I hope that they will obey the rules in laboratories to prevent accidents from happening. =) 

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