Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Experiment: Separated Mixture

In the experiment, the students learned that a mixture of substances can be separated by different ways for example by using filter paper, magnet and sieve.

The students are given a mixture of substances for example fine sand, small stones, small polystyrene balls, salts and paper clips. Pupils are challenged to separate the mixture in the shortest possible time.

 These are the apparatus given to the pupils: filter paper, sieve, magnet, small polystyrene balls and paper clips. They discuss in groups on how mixture can be separated.

 They use magnet to separated the paper clips from the polystyrene balls.

The other method will be using water. The polystyrene balls are less dense and therefore they will float on water. However, the paper clips are made from iron and they are denser than water. Hence, they sink in the water.

Next, the pupils are given mixture of sand and stones. 

This video shows the student used a sieve to separate the stones and sand.

Then, the pupils are given salt and sand.

They mixed the mixture with water.

The salt dissolved in the water and the mixture of salt water and sand is separated using filter paper.

The mixture is separated by using filter paper. 

Finally, the mixture is successfully separated by using filter paper.

In conclusion, the students get to evaluate methods of separating the mixture by using different possible methods for example using filter paper, magnet, sieve and water. It is a good and meaningful experiment to educate the students on separation of mixture. The experiment is a success. =)

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