Saturday, 12 November 2011

Experiment: Springs

This is another experiment conducted in school by the students to investigate elasticity of spring. The objective of the experiment is to let the student to understand that springs return to its original size and shape after being bent, twisted, stretched or squeezed as long as the elastic limit is not exceeded. They also learned that springs stretch differently due to different values of spring constant. They also get to know the uses of springs in daily life.

 The students stretched the spring.

 The spring is being twisted.

 The students stretched the springs and all of them returned to the original size and shape.

The students are very excited to carry out the experiment.  

 The students are squeezing, stretching and twisting the spring.  

 The springs are hung with loads of different weight to experiment the elasticity of  springs.

Different types of spring stretch differently due to length of diameter of spring. the length of spring and the thickness of the spring.

As conclusion, the experiment is successfully carried out by the student with my guidance. The students came to a conclusion based on the observations that is a spring returns to its original shape and size after being twisted, bent, stretched or squeezed as long as the elastic limit is not exceeded, and the extension and compression of spring depend on the length of springs and the diameters of spring. =)

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